Sunday, December 7, 2014

Apologies! A-Day Homework

Russian II

Your exercise packet is due on Tuesday. If you need help come by on Monday afternoon and we can take a look at any questions you may have. We'll spend time looking at these exercises on Tussday. 

Also, remember about the possibility of daily quizzes. 

Russian I 

The presentations on your Russian cities are due on Tuesday. Remember that for extra credit you can include some sort of cultural relic from your city and explain it. We wrote our sentences in Russian in class. Make sure that these sentences appear in your presentation. I'd recommend using http:\\ and copy/paste from the window to your document. 

Practice your reading of the sentences. Be prepared to present on Tuesday. 

English II

Anything that you have to do in terms of major assignments needs to be settled soon. Nothing will be accepted past the beginning of Winter Break. 

For tonight you don't have any homework per se, but it would be a good idea to work on your Odysseus speeches. A lot of you wrote some good main idea statements. Try to move forward with an example. Tell a story!

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