Thursday, December 18, 2014

Homework for Winter Break - B-Day Students: 12/18/2014

See all of you B-Day kids next year!

AP English III

Here are your Winter Break tasks ranked in no particular order other than this is how I have them written in my planner.

  1. Finish reading and annotating The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Make sure that when you come to school after the break that you have your book with you and it reflects the type of reading and thinking expected of you in this class.
  2. Complete your illustration assignment - remember that our first day back will have some time for asking questions and getting assistance.  Be sure that you are prepared for this help session.  Remember that our presentation of these illustrations will fall on the second class after break - Wednesday, January 7, 2015.
  3. Continue working on your group projects - over break you should finish your analyses of the different pieces and get them uploaded.  You should be able to finish everything except the synthesis.  We will knock this out when we return.
English II

Here are your Winter Break tasks - remember that FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18th is the last day to submit any missing assignments.
  1. Take your drafting packet and either type up or write out a rough draft of your speech.  As you write out your paragraphs, make sure that your ideas flow together.  Add details or language where you think it's needed.  Remember that your overall word count is 200 to 250 words.
  2. If you did not complete your bumper sticker in class, get that turned in after the break.
Remember what I said today in class - you're the only one who can do the work.  Do what you need to do and get it done.  Ask for help when you need it.  Don't suffer in silence.

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