Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students - 12/17/2014

Russian II

Tonight everyone you need to start reviewing for your semester exam which will fall on the final day of the semester, 1/16/2015.  The mid-term exam will have everything from Russian I as well as the work we have done on aspect, numbers and counting, and verbs of motion.  Practice and review nightly.  I would also recommend going through your portfolios and looking at your previous mistakes - this is key in starting to begin your growth.

Lastly, do some pre-research on your holiday choices.  Rank your top four as we will pair off for holidays next class.

Russian I

Next class we will finish our work through our review packets as well as do some work on phonetics and pronunciation.  From today you should feel confident conjugating first and second type verbs, working with the nominative case, the accusative case, and the prepositional case.  Keep practicing!  Use the exercises in your text books, go back to the exercises in the packet we did not touch today and try doing some of those.  Work nightly and keep practicing.  Your mid-term is also coming in the new year, you'll have a study guide next class.

English II

Today in class you all did a great job of working on your speeches.  Once you've worked through today's questions and have full answers, you've got a great start to your final project.  You should take what you did and either type it out or write it out as a speech - maybe add some details or elaborate more.  Remember the goal of your speech.

In addition, if you didn't finish the bumper sticker assignment, get that done and turned in next class.  Lastly, remember that any missing assignments are due next class - Friday!

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