Monday, December 1, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students - 12/1/2014 - Welcome Back!

And now we begin the trek to Winter Break!  Work hard and keep up with your assignments.  This is a great time to get caught up and solidify your skills before we get into the second semester.

Russian II

Complete your cheat sheets on aspect.  Be sure that you have HCB on one side and CB on the other side.  Try to simply the rules around choosing the perfective or the imperfective form of the verb.  Make sure that this is completed as you will need it for class on Wednesday when we begin working on verbs of motion.

Russian I

The multiple choice portion of your exam is coming on Wednesday.  Based on what you saw today you should have a good idea of what is coming for you tomorrow.  Study and prepare.  Have your cheat sheet ready for what you need to know.  Also, spend some time working on your projects.  Presentation day will be either Friday or Tuesday.  Be prepared!

English II

For those of you who completed your take-home tests over break, congratulations!  You have no homework tonight.  If you did not complete the take-home test you have tonight to finish it for full credit.  If you turn it in past Wednesday/Thursday then you will lose points for it being late.

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