Monday, December 15, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students - 12/15/2014

And now we begin the last week before Winter Break begins.  Hooray for that.  Here are your reminders to move you to Wednesday's class.

English II

Tonight you should complete the planning and pre-writing sheet on your speeches.  Please make sure that you answer all of the questions on the sheet so that you have a good start moving into class on Wednesday.  Remember to use your first planning sheet to get this work done as it will be crucial in getting a good start to your speech.

Russian I

Tonight for homework you have one thing that is required and one thing that is optional.  We are now done declining nouns in all six cases in the singular.  In addition, you can also work with pronouns and possessive pronouns.  Here's what you need to do now:

  1. Move through the exercises at the end of the chapter one section.  I'd recommend trying a few of these especially the declensions and the verb exercises.  If you can do these with no errors then you will have mastered these concepts and are on a good footing for our next few classes.  If you don't know what to do, bring this up on Wednesday during our review!
  2. Using your textbooks revise your sentences.  Your sentences must be ready to turn in next class with no mistakes.  For details on this assignment, look below to last class's homework.
Russian II

Tonight for homework you have a bit of a process - here's that process outlined for you.  Go back to the post which has the exercises and finish the last exercise on using all verbs of motion.  Repeat this exercise until you have 100% correct.  Then, once this is done, move on to your handout.  On the handout, you need to fill in the blank on all sentences and then select a group of five in a row.  Once you have selected these, go to VOKI and create your VOKI reading your selection.  Send your VOKI to mrmillerjhs (at) gmail (dot) com - with your name in the subject line or the message.  I will confirm receipt next class.

On Wednesday we'll have a few small details to finish up with and then we will be able to do some review of this concept working with all of the verbs!

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