Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Homework for B-Day Students: 10/8/2014

AP English III

Tonight for homework your main goal is to prepare for next class's assessment on Transcendental philosophy.  You all did a wonderful job of teasing out the topics for the questions you will be asked.  Focus on those topics now as you review your notes and annotations from the class discussions on these pieces.  Remember to always focus on clarifying the ideas presented to you using more concrete examples, especially when working with philosophy.

In addition, remember to read to the end of chapter two in The Great Gatsby for Tuesday's class.  As you read, continue to annotate and add to your covers.  Collect vocabulary.  Consider the ideas on the ROARING TWENTIES discussed today in class.  How do you see Fitzgerald building upon these ideas within his text?

English II

Your homework is to complete any missing assignments and submit them by Friday.  The gradebook will be closed for this first portion of the quarter then, so any changes need to be settled.

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