Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Extra Credit - Russian I and II

Thanks all for coming out this afternoon and watching Кавказская пленица with me.  I hope that you enjoyed Шурик и его друзья.  The next film we watch will also feature these characters.  For your extra credit, I'd like for you to write a one paragraph response (по-английски или по-русски) that answers the following prompt:

How does this film rely on stereotypes to create a comedic effect?

Here is the link to the film if you would like to re-watch it or if you would like to watch it in its entirety.

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randomsk83er said...

The movie uses stereotypes in such a way that the stereotypes are really just absurd and it seems ridiculous to us as the characters seem completely oblivious to what they'r doing. The act of mocking another nationality or place would be frowned upon here, but it might just be a matter of it being a different place and a different time. The stereotypes leave an impression of disbelief of what we just saw as they can be led to new levels of "political incorrectness"
Robert Lebron