Thursday, October 9, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students: 10/9/2014

Russian II

Your homework this weekend is to complete exercise three, parts A and B.  For part A you need to read the sentence and create an answer that uses the CB of the verb to emphasize that the action has been completed.  To find your aspectual pair, either use a dictionary or the online WIKTIONARY - remember to write out your sentences as this will help.  Check your conjugations as you are writing.  For part B, you need to read the sentence and move from the CB to the HCB - for this you will take off the prefix on the verb to move from CB to HCB.

Be sure that you are also studying your vocabulary!

Russian I

Over the weekend create your vocabulary study aid and have this ready for inspection on Monday.  As a baseline, include the word in Russian, the word in English, mark the stress, and note the gender of the word.  We'll keep working with gender on Monday!

English II

No homework for the weekend, be sure that if you have any missing assignments that you turn them in tomorrow as no missing work will be accepted past Friday!

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