Thursday, October 23, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students: 10/23/2014

Congratulations everyone, we've made it to the end of the first grading period!  Most classes will begin the quarter with a major assessment, so make sure to pay attention to the notes below.  Grades will be finalized on Monday morning around 9:30 am - check PowerSchool around then.

Russian II

From going over your assignments today I can see that we still need to do some review of the concept of aspect and perhaps review some verb conjugation types.  Your assessment will be pushed back to Thursday to allow us Tuesday to review this homework assignment in depth.

I am still going to give you a brief list of some verbs to start focusing on as we think about that assessment.  You also should learn all vocabulary for this unit - including the nouns, days of the week, months, key words for aspect, and the verbs we've focused on.

Some key verbs:  читать/прочитать, писать/написать, хотеть/захотеть, петь/спеть, рисовать/нарисовать, говорить/сказать, заниматься/заняться, танцевать/станцевать, решать/решить, слушать/послушать, смотреть/посмотреть, спрашивать/спросить

Russian I

Your quiz on cases will still occur on Tuesday when we return from the long weekend.  Remember that you need to know the nouns that we have been working with as they will be key parts of your quiz.  Ask yourself the following as you study your vocabulary:
  • Can I identify the gender of the word?  The declension pattern?
  • Do I know how endings change between cases?  Can I chant the changes to myself?
  • Do I know the spelling and meaning of these words?
  • Do I know my question words?
The quiz will bring in a bit about our work today on possessives, but it will focus on declensions.

You will need to write, read, speak, and listen to Russian on this assessment.

English II

Technically you have no homework tonight but it would be a good idea to do an inventory of your notes in preparation for your test next week on the first half of Persepolis.  As Ms. Gerdes said today, check to make sure you have your worksheets or something written down on each of the chapters we've read.  If you're missing something, ask on Tuesday or Wednesday and make sure to pay close attention during the review on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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