Friday, October 17, 2014

Homework for the Weekend - 10/17/2014 - A Day Students

Russian I

Over the weekend complete exercises on Accusative and Prepositional cases on the handout.  Fill in the blank with the appropriate word in the blank.  Have this ready to be checked on Tuesday.

Remember - kill and drill - memorize - that's how you learn the cases.

Russian II

Make sure that for Tuesday's class you have completed exercise six in Chapter Five as well as a redo of exercise three a and b.  Now that you have your pairs of verbs exercise three should be much easier for you.

On Tuesday we will spend time working on your speaking assignment.  Thank you for being patient with me today.

English II

Read the next two chapters of Persepolis.  Remember to continue taking notes as you read to make yourself a more effective reader!

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