Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students: 10/28/2014

Russian II

Next class you have a quiz on aspect and verbs.  In the previous post for A-day you will find the list of verbs to focus on as these will be used in crafting the situations.  You will have several brief situations to read and then analyze.  You should be able to tell me:

  1. What tense is being used in the situation?
  2. What aspect is being used in the situation?  
  3. Why is that aspect being used in that situation.
Be sure that you have studied your KEY WORDS for aspect as well as your other vocabulary.  If you need additional practice with aspect and making choice I would invite you to check out this page where you can find exercises and podcasts reviewing the imperfective and perfective future tenses.  Remember as well that with swim season starting I cannot work with you on Wednesday afternoons - we can work on Wednesday before school or during lunch.

Russian I

You have no homework tonight since you had a quiz today in class but you should continue to practice and review.  Spend time tonight looking over your notes and practicing your cases.  I recommend this page for help with cases.

English II

Next class you have a test on the first half of Persepolis from "The Veil" to "The F-14s".  Be sure that you have studied your notes, your vocabulary, and your writing skills as you will be required to write a paragraph on this test.  Ask for help if you need it!

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