Monday, October 13, 2014

Homework for 10/13/2014 - A Day Students

English II

No homework for tonight.  We'll be presenting our posters next class.  Make sure that you have also taken note of where you will be on Wednesday for the PLAN test.

Russian I

Tonight complete the worksheet on Russian nouns.  Remember to tell me all about the noun in the second column - the gender, the declension, the pronoun, and if it is a who or a what.  I'll be collecting this sheet next class with your Начало sheets.

Russian II

Tonight you need to read the letter and analyze the verbs in the letter.  You should find all of the verbs and analyze what ASPECT and what TENSE is being used with the verb.  Try to understand why these particular tenses and aspects are used to better understand the concept.  We'll review this next class before we begin our speaking!

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