Thursday, January 26, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 26 January

Advanced Russian:  All of you are working in your journals this weekend.

Russian II/III - You are working with the verbs ходить/идти and the verbs носить/нести. If you are in Russian III then you want to work with the в/во- prefix on those verbs. Write a brief story using these verbs. Write about 10 sentences. Practice on writing in the different tenses and focusing on cases. We'll go over these Monday.

Russian IV - Read the fourth section of White Nights and translate the passage in your journal. You should also answer question one. This gives you a chance to add more to your graphic organizer about the main character, do that.

Russian I:  We have now reviewed how to work with adjectives and possessive pronouns in the nominative, accusative, and prepositional cases. This weekend, complete the three exercises as practice. Remember to answer the questions. Change your endings to show the proper cases. Attempt all of the questions in the exercises.

Also, don't forget to keep studying your vocabulary and grammar notes!

English II:  If you did not finish the one-paragraph response today in class then that is due next class. We have read Cortazar and Borges. Next we'll watch a film and then prepare for our quiz on these stories.

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