Monday, January 30, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - 30 January 2017

English II

Next class we have our quiz on doppelgangers in Latin American Literature and the class after will be our District Benchmark test. Be ready to be tested and to show your knowledge over the next two classes.

Russian I

Tonight you have culture homework as well as grammar homework. First, culture - take your poet and do some research tonight. Find three facts about the poet that interest you. You should have information to share for next class. Additionally, start to work on reading and practicing with your fluency. If there's not an audio recording then you will find the poem on youtube and follow along as it is read aloud.

For grammar you need to go through the exercises we started today and finish the rest. Remember to focus on making your changes for case and to double check your agreement for gender.

Advanced Russian

Tonight for homework there are a few things to take care of which mainly have you finishing up what we were working on in class. For Russian IV - go on and read the fifth section of the First Night. Answer the question that follows. Keep track of new and useful vocabulary. Find another fact about the narrator and add to your list. For Russian III - finish the translation of the first set of exercises and complete the second and third on the new prefixes. For Russian II - work through to number twenty five in our current set of exercises. Make sure that you can translate the earlier ones (1-20).

Remember Russian II/III students, the only way to get the hang of verbs of motion in Russian is to use them!

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