Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Homework for A-Day Classes - 24 January

Advanced Russian:

Russian IV - Continue reading White Nights by Fyodor Dostoevsky. As you read, track new vocabulary and use any resources (in the book/dictionary) to find useful roots and translations of words.  You should finish reading to the end of section three. Answer questions and take note of sentences that you don't understand, so we can investigate them together.

Russian III - Focus on analyzing your prefixes for their preposition and case pairings. Go through all the pages. Then, focus on the first prefix (to go into) and complete the exercise. Select the appropriate verb.

Russian II - Focus on the next ten in the present tense section. Select the proper verb - multidirectional or unidirectional based on the context. Try to conjugate the verb to the proper form.

Also - please have your poems (in Russian) with you next class.

Russian I

Spend time with your vocabulary - especially with the adjectives. Study and practice turning the adjectives into their different forms for gender and for cases. Remember to make a list of items in your house as well as their location in your house.  This will be the beginning of our floor plan activity which is coming soon. Don't translate the items - bring a list in English and we will translate together.

English II

Some of you from your progress reports see that you need to finish your final project - the comic book. If you have anything else missing I hope to see you tomorrow to get that settled.

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