Friday, January 13, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 13 January

It's great to get back to our regular lives. Here's the work to do over the weekend.

Advanced Russian:

We're pushing hard to prepare for our semester exam which is going to fall on Friday the 20th. I'll put the topics for the exam below. Make sure that you are studying actively and reviewing everything to be prepared. To facilitate this make sure that you have finished the translations for your chapter (Russian III/IV) or the aspect exercises (Russian II).

  • Russian II-IV:  Verb stems will be on the exam for all of you. Be able to work with all stems for your level and know conjugation patterns in past and non-past tenses.
  • Russian II:  Know how to navigate numbers, counting, and time expressions as well as the basics of aspect.
  • Russian III:  Be able to navigate modals, imperatives, vague language and aspect as well. Don't forget about sentence combining either.
  • Russian IV:  You've got your comparisons, your mutations in them, and your use of them. There's also going to be writing using verbs of placement and position and your interrogative word. Don't forget about all the verb knowledge you know too!

Russian I:

Today we did a lot of work to prepare for the exam especially around cases, translating and building sentences in Russian. This is really good stuff. For tonight, keep going. You need to finish the translation exercise we started in class.  Also, you need to take a look at exercise eighteen and make a list of words in English you would need to talk about yourself. Lastly, do exercise six - identify the case and translate the sentence. Exercise 2B is a declension exercise. Work fast and use your charts.

All Russian Classes:

We started getting into Russian poets and poetry today. Super fun times. Here is a link to an online Russian poetry website with information about authors, selected poems, and some even have the authors reading the poems in Russian.  Go to this website to find a list of poets.  Remember you need to select a poem and a poet over the weekend.

English II

Today you had your unit test on Persepolis. I hope that you all felt confident and prepared for the test.  Next class we'll be focusing on our graphic novels and finishing those up next week. Make sure that if you need to spend time working on those at home to get caught up that you do so!

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