Tuesday, January 3, 2017

B Day Homework for January 3rd

Welcome back from the break! I hope we all have a great start to 2017.

AP English III 

You have many assessments coming up in the next two weeks. Be sure to stay on top of them or your grade will start falling fast, and you don't want to do everything the night before it's due.

On Thursday, we have our exam on The Crucible.  Don't forget to bring your copy of the play for the annotation check. We're not taking late books this time. 

Part 1 will be character identifications (you choose four out of a list), where you say who the character is, their importance to the plot and to the allegory/Miller's argument. You need to cite specific scenes/moments in the play.

Part 2 will be the same as Part 1, except you'll be writing about the character you tracked.

Part 3 are short essays (one sentence argument followed by two or more well-developed body paragraphs and a short conclusion).  The essay questions will cover our discussion of The Crucible film, the character of John Proctor, and Mary Rowlandson.

We'll be working on our allegory plays in class after the test, and you'll be presenting them on Monday.

On Wednesday, your drama projects are due. This means delivering your monologue and turning in your rhetorical analysis and as well as your annotated monologue. We're giving you an whole extra week so you can have writing conferences with us--use it!

English II

Remember to review your notes and read parts of Persepolis you may have missed in class. The test is coming up in two class periods.  Don't forget you can do the extra credit project to help with your test grade.

Next class, we'll be doing a review game for the test and working on our narratives. If you are behind on the narratives, work on them at home.

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