Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Third one's a charm...I hope.

Here we are with another cancelled day of school - and I have to agree. The trip to the grocery store had a few dodgy moments, but the drive from Raleigh was pretty clear. I think tomorrow it'll all be cleared up, and we're back on Thursday for a full day.

AP English III:  If I'm right then Thursday will be your day for allegory presentations and the following Tuesday will be the day for monologues and rhetorical analyses. We'll also be starting to get into our new unit on the Harlem Renaissance and introduction to Invisible Man.

English II:  Your next class is the Persepolis unit exam (Thursday/Friday). If you are going to turn in the extra credit project it will need to be in by the end of next week. We'll be starting our next unit as we wrap up our graphic novel projects (please work on those at home since you have time - especially those of you who really want to work on the art).

Russian I:  Your exam will likely be on the 20th instead of the 17th. This gives us more time to review and practice. Make sure that you are working through the exercises in your textbook and reviewing Chapter One and the Introduction. Don't worry about the information around my/your - that'll be covered as part of Chapter Two.

Russian II/III/IV: Same as above on the exam and preparation. If you are working on missing work/reassessment items, be ready to do that on Friday. Remember to check PowerSchool as everything's been updated in there.

We will have final ruble/bathroom pass cash-in on Thursday and Friday next week. 

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