Monday, January 9, 2017

Another one...another one...SNOW DAY NUMBER TWO

DJ Khaled and Rick Ross are remixing this week. Yet another snow day.  I'm still stranded in Raleigh, and I say the roads are about fifty percent. Hopefully we can get back to real life on Wednesday.

Keep getting ahead and working on your projects and end of semester assessments which are upcoming.

Russian students, all of these snow days mean that we are eating into review and practice time for our exam. I hope that you're building that in for yourselves right now. Make use of the online resources that I posted a bit ago.

AP students, we may have to collect your rhetorical analyses before your monologue presentations. If you are ready to submit that, please have it ready for our next classes. Ms. McCormick and I are available over email to take questions and review drafts - but not the night before/day of. We will try to give you a separate class to prepare to give your monologues; however, if we continue to be out this week you may be forced to give your monologue the day we return. You should be prepared for this eventuality (if say our only day this week is Friday).

English II students, we have our test on Persepolis - if you were absent please email for the study guide and review game. It is helpful for the test.

Please communicate if you need to. I'm available. I've been reading, getting in political arguments on Facebook, and playing PlayStation. A pretty fun snow break, I think.

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