Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Day Homework - 4 January

С новым годом!!!  Happy New Year to the A-Day crew.  Here are your reminders for tonight to bring you to Friday.

Russian Students - We will be celebrating Russian Christmas on Friday! Be ready for some culture fun!  Don't forget that you all have a midterm exam on the 17th of January!

Russian II - Tonight I want you focusing on your aspect knowledge in the past and future cases. Spend time with the examples in Chapter Five as well as with the commentary on those examples. Then, study the verb pairs on pages 202 and 203.  In your journals, I want you to write at least ten sentences using at least two pairs. Write a lot of sentences in past and future with the different aspects. Explain the difference in meaning. This is also a great chance to review conjugations

Russian III - Complete the translation exercise, number 21, in your journals. Be sure to review grammar in the chapter and vocabulary as you do the translations.

Russian IV - Complete the translation exercise, number 17, in your journal.  Review the grammar and vocabulary for Chapter Twelve as you do this.

Russian I - We've made a very important study guide today for cases. Next class we'll take a few more rides on the metro before we do some writing practice and cultural work. For homework tonight you need to focus on studying. Study your declension chart and study your vocabulary. Apply the one with the other and change the words. Know what those changes mean!

English II - Your reminders are below. We will have our exam on Persepolis in two classes. Next class will be our review day in which we will finish the movie and play our review game. Make sure that if you've missed any chapters that you get those read.

Also, we have the graphic novels coming due soon. If you need to get caught up on those, spend some time working at home if needed.

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