Monday, October 8, 2018

Homework for Wednesday - 8 October - B Day

AP Seminar

Hopefully after today's conversation related to dinner parties, similarities and differences, and points of view or perspectives, you have a bit more of an idea of what to do. Be sure to check the slides in Google Classroom if you need to.

As we move through the week, your task is to construct your annotated bibliography for your IRR. Remember to use the planning document and arrange your work around the rows of the rubric for the IRR. Your draft of the AB is due to me at the end of class on Friday. I'll go over the rubric with you on Wednesday for this.

Advanced Russian

Given what I am seeing from some of these quizzes it looks like many of you have a better idea of what you are doing and some of you still are struggling. Again, this is the last week to reach out for help and to make real improvements in what you are doing and in what you are able to do. Be sure that you are ready for the examination on Friday.

As you prepare be sure that you have settled any missing assignments or assignments with low grades. Be sure that you have learned your stems, your conjugation rules, and your cases that we have focused on in this unit. If you are still having problems, you know where I am.

Russian I

Today's class really was our final day of new information related to the unit examination. On Friday you'll have an exam that will cover the alphabet, sounds of the Russian language, greetings/introductions/farewells, information related to gender, and vocabulary. There may also be some questions related to our Russian city presentations as well as the cultural knowledge related to names and formality. We've gone over everything - be sure that you are ready.

If you need to, check out Google Classroom and Duolingo as a way to study and prepare.

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