Monday, October 29, 2018

Homework for A-Day Students: 29 October 2018

AP English III

Remember that your main task on Wednesday will be your quiz on Act III and IV. The quiz will follow the same structure as before with multiple choice, quotation analysis, and a free response question. Be sure that you have your book for the multiple choice.

The rest of the week you'll be focused on finishing Mean Girls as your final text for the unit. Remember that for your unit assessment on the 6th of November you'll be expected to explore a theme shared between all of the texts - your viewing guides can be used for this assessment as your evidence.

You will also have your annotations checked on The Crucible as well as vocabulary cards 11-15 collected on this date.

English IV

On Wednesday you're going to have your quiz on Act I of A Doll's House. Today in class we went over your main vocabulary words, the key events in Act I, and we finished our study of the play by looking at the film to review. You now have everything that you need to be successful on the quiz. You'll also have a bit of grammar and writing to do on this quiz. The quiz will be open book and open note - use your resources to do your best work!

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