Friday, October 19, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - 19 October 2018

English IV

Be sure that over the weekend you take a look at your scores on PowerSchool on the most recent assignment - if you have an A on the assignment then you are ready to move on to your final drafts. If you have anything less, then you are missing big pieces of your "This I Believe" Paper and need to finish those ideas.

We'll try to finalize these papers next week so that we have our big final grades in before the end of the quarter.

AP English III

Today was a crazy day since we didn't have a lot of time. Hopefully the slides on Google Classroom will help make sense of what we've done. Here are your reminders about what to consider over the weekend:

  1. Act III will be discussed on Tuesday. Remember that this is a great section for you to consider around social commentary - look at power and the justice system in Act III. There's a lot of commentary to consider.
  2. Essay revisions are important! A lot of you made a lot of great strides today and I think that you understand what you have to do a lot better now than you did before. Keep pushing, keep collaborating, and keep asking for feedback. Remember that final revisions are due on Thursday. You must turn in your first essay with your new one.
  3. You should also be working on a draft of your rhetorical analysis for your projects. With the work we did last class you know how to organize and set up your approach to the essay. Look over your text and focus on how the author is making the point to you. Explain that as you explain elements of the text.

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