Monday, November 24, 2014

Homework for Thanksgiving Break - 11/24/2014

Russian II:

Over the break you should all be ready to take your exam on verbal aspect and telling time in Russian.  To prepare, you should look over your vocabulary as well as your rules about verbs that we've gone over to determine aspect.

If you want more practice, use the UCLA Beginner's Russian Textbook online.  There are chapters focusing primarily on numbers and verbal aspect.  Also, your Schaums books have a lot of exercises there as well.  Prepare yourselves and be ready for your exam!

Russian I:

You also have an exam when we get back from break.  Your exam will focus on verb conjugation of first and second type verbs, the accusative, prepositional, genitive, and nominative cases.  You should be able to write and understand sentences using these cases and these verbs if the sentence has vocabulary from this unit.

If you would like additional practice, please use the UCLA Beginner's Russian Textbook - the earlier chapters have good interactive exercises to review.

English II:

Your homework over break is to complete your take-home test on Persepolis.  Don't forget that it is due on the day we return from break.  Do a bit each day and make sure to meet your goals.  Remember that this should show everything you know about writing and about Persepolis.

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