Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Homework for Wednesday - A-Day Classes

English II

Tonight you should work hard to finish all of your preparation work for your graphic memoir projects. You should go us on planning your frames and writing any narration and dialogue. Next class we will be in the computer lab to type and create. Make sure that you have everything fine so that you can be productive in the computer lab. 

Russian I

Tonight you have exercise number fifteen to complete. Remember for each exercise you need to write the question starting with the proper form of ЧЕЙ followed by the answer using the genitive case. Review your endings. Create a chant and memorize these endings. Remember that this is the main chunk of Russian grammar. 

Russian II 

Tonight you have two main goals. First be sure that your presentation on aspect is ready.  You need to have your situations ready and proofed. If you want me to read over your work, please let me know. Outside of this you have your review sheet on telling time. Be sure that you can do this whole sheet. 

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