Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homework for Tuesday - 11/18/2014 - A Day Students

Russian II

Tonight you have two key goals as we move forward to Tuesday.  First, begin to learn your numbers from 61 all the way to 1000.  This seems like a lot, but is very simple, all you really need to learn are your tens and your hundreds.  Everything else will be just like it has been before.  Remember that your counting rules still apply.  We'll need this for Thursday as we'll start working on phone numbers and talking about cost of items.

Secondly, make your cheat sheet/шпаргалка on aspect.  Try to codify your rules on aspect and use an index card to simplify the rules.  Put imperfective on one side and perfective on the other.

Russian I

Tonight you need to work on your cheat sheet/шпаргалка on the four cases we have learned so far.  Try to use an index card for each case.  Focus on being simple and clear with how the nouns, possessive pronouns, and pronouns change as they move through the cases.  This is an invaluable study tool for you to use as you are learning and studying.  View this as taking notes on your notes - it will help, I promise.

English II

We've finished reading Persepolis so now you need to finish up on your projects.  Make sure that you are working hard to have everything complete for your project presentations next week.  Remember that you will have to present on what you are communicating through your drawings so try to plan out what you will say in this part of the assignment.  Feel free to prepare an index card or two of notes so that you're not stumbling over what to say.  You should be drawing and creating your comics.  Feel free to ask me or Ms. Gerdes for help or to read over everything for you.

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