Thursday, November 20, 2014

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 11/20/2014

Russian II

This weekend you need to finish your cheat sheets for aspect and then move on to the creation of your sentences about your day.  Remember that you are writing seven sentences chronicling what you have done on Saturday or Sunday.  Write your times out in words.  Remember your counting rules.  Think about aspect and what you are emphasizing as you write.

Russian I

This weekend now that you have learned to conjugate verbs I want you to work with them.  Use one verb for every sentence and write using all of the four cases that you have learned.  As an example sentence you should be able to write something like:

I read the book of my brother in the library.
Я читаю книгу брата в библиотеке.

This sentence uses all four cases that we have learned and uses them appropriately.  Make sure that you use your notes and check yourself.  I'm planning on using this as a writing workshop on Monday.  Also finish your case cards.

English II

Your projects are due next week!  Finish them and make sure that they represent your best work.  Make sure that you have decided which frame you will present to the class as well as what you will say about that frame.

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