Monday, November 10, 2014

Homework for B-Day Students - 11/10/2014

Remember everyone that there is no school tomorrow!  Thank a veteran for your day off.  I always give thanks to my dad.  Here's what you need to accomplish.

A-Day Students:  Your reminders are below; be sure that everything is done.

AP English III:

You have your exams on The Great Gatsby next class.  Be sure that you have your annotated copies of the novel with you next class so that you are ready for your books to be checked.  Remember that you will have quotation identifications, short answer questions, and a rhetorical analysis.  All that we have done over these classes is meant to prepare you and this exam should show what you have learned in this unit - be sure that it does.

English II:

Continue to work on your projects.  We will be going to the computer labs over the next few classes to work on these pieces a bit more thoroughly.  Have your timeline done as well as your drafting done so that you can work efficiently in the computer lab!

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