Saturday, November 8, 2014

Apologies! Homework for the Weekend! All Classes!

That was a lot of exclaimation marks up there.  Sorry for not getting this out to the website until now.  Here is what everyone needs to accomplish before next class.  A-day, remember that I won't see all of you until Wednesday so you have a lot of time to prepare.  I expect that all of you will be prepared.

Russian I:

Be sure that you use the phonetics work that we have done over the last two classes to really know your alphabet sounds as well as be able to say them more clearly, confidently, and with less of an American accent.  Think about tongue and lip position as you go through each letter and sound.  The mirror technique is a wonderful one to watch yourself as you speak.

You do have a grammar worksheet to complete.  The front side has you identifying words in cases and the bottom exercise has you putting words into the accusative case.  The back has you doing writing in the prepositional case.  Work hard and ask questions on Monday if you need me.  I'm available at all lunches.

Oh, and here's our new song for today!  It's karaoke version so you can review your lyrics as the song continues.

Russian II:

You've got your sentences still ahead of you and we'll get back to doing that work on Wednesday.  If you can continue to work on these over the weekend, please do.  When you feel as though you're ready feel free to share the work with me so that I can see and give some feedback.

Make your focus your numbers and your work with time expressions.  You have two exercises to complete on telling time - we started all of these in class so that you can continue the work on your own.  WRITE OUT ALL NUMBERS!  This is key in helping you to learn the spelling and the vocabulary words.

English II:

You don't have any reading homework over the weekend but you should be working on your project.  Some of you are moving forward on to the drafting phase of your work - this is wonderful!  Make sure to have your planning done first, before moving on.  Make sure that your timeline is complete - that you have clearly broken up this important moment in your life to the key parts of it.  The closer your focus, the more specific your detail, the better your piece will be.

We'll be finishing Persepolis soon - start reviewing things like vocabulary and notes regularly to prepare for quizzes and the like.

AP English III:

You have your presentations coming up on Monday!  This weekend this is your focus.  Get these presentations polished, have your scripts, have a run-through of your piece.  Remember that you have a ten minute limit to your presentations and that Ms. Gerdes and I will require a copy of your script.

After the presentations we'll review for the exam.  Make sure that you have annotations complete throughout your novel.  Develop any questions you have for this review.

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