Monday, November 3, 2014

Homework for Monday - A Day - 11/3/2014

Russian II

Tonight complete your writing work on Бриллиантовая рука using the handout we started in class.  Write sentences describing the action in the film which you noted.  Think about what you are trying to emphasize as you look at your sentences - the process or the completion or both?  Work on conjugating the verbs accurately.  We will look at some of the new verbs on Wednesday as we finish the sheet together.

Also - don't forget that I want your study plans.

Russian I

For homework tonight consider what you would like to work on during our Phonetics Day next class.  To prepare yourselves, complete the reading which I gave you.  Practice reading clearly and fluently with your proper intonation patterns.  This will be a lot of what we will be doing on Wednesday.

English II

Homework for tonight is to finish your first goals for the project.  First, decide on a moment for your focus.  Second, begin to brainstorm details you want to include - begin by sketching out a timeline for the memory that you'll focus on.

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