Friday, November 4, 2011

AP English III - Satire Project


Today we spent a lot of time going through the requirements for your major project - Google Sites for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Satire. Remember that your group contract is due to me on Tuesday/Wednesday. This is a requirement. Please be sure that you are following the deadlines on the project sheet as I will be checking in on all of you. When you share your websites, please make sure that you include me in the sharing as an owner; use my mrmillerjhs (at) gmail (dot) com e-mail address. This way I can keep up with your progress. I'm posting links to two important documents.

First we have the project document and outline. This goes over all of the requirements and the timeline for the project. Second we have the project mockup on Google sites. Use the mock-up of the project to review everything that you need to have on the individual pages.

Take the time this weekend to get ahead on your website, time spent now will pay off in the future. Also don't forget the following for next class:

  1. Vocabulary bookmarks are due next class. You need 20 words, the definition (personal), the page number and the source.

  2. Keep up with your Huck Finn reading. By next class you should be to the end of chapter twenty-two. We'll be discussing chapters thirteen through eighteen.

  3. Start work on your website and finish your contract.

The class is getting more serious and a bit more difficult; I know you are all up to the challenge. Please start coming by on Wednesday afternoons if you need help!

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