Thursday, November 3, 2011

AP English III Announcement

I was happy to see that over the past few days that some of you had read ahead. By and large I was pleased with your annotation check, just remember to keep track of your cover notes as a key part of the annotations. On each page, you should look for what you put on the covers, specifically the topics/motifs/symbols as well as key character development.

I also wanted to repost the reading schedule, remember that the one on the bookmarks isn't correct.

Chapters 13-18: A day 11/4 B day 11/7
Chapters 17-22: A day 11/8 B day 11/9
Chapters 23-28: A day 11/10 B day 11/14
Chapters 29-33: A day 11/17 B day 11/18
Chapters 34-43: A day 11/28 B day 11/29 (After Thanksgiving Break)

Be prepared for snap annotation and reading checks. You know what I expect.

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