Thursday, November 10, 2011

Freshman Homework - 11/10 and 11/14


At this point all of you have your progress reports.  Remember that the test scores right now are what I like to call "raw scores."  Some of the questions are going to be thrown out and the test will be curved; however, I can't figure out the curve until everyone finishes the test.  You must finish no later than Monday's study hall.  If you're not finished by then, I'm grading what you've completed - everything missing will be zero credit.

Over the weekend (or Monday night if you're in B-day) you will need to read Ray Bradbury's "The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind."  It's in the textbook.  I'll remind you that you need to read the information before the story about the history and allegory in order to fully understand the story and answer the questions.  When you finish the story, answer questions two, three, five, and six in your notes.  Remember that since you're putting your responses in your notes you can answer these questions in bullet points, but be sure that you're thorough use details from the story to craft your response.  While you're reading, this is a great chance to get started on your vocabulary bookmarks.

Also, you may want to keep working on your research projects if you've started on those.  We'll go back to the library on Tuesday/Wednesday to take more formal notes on the topics and go over the details of the assignment more.

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