Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update on Summer Reading

So - Today I went to Barnes and Noble's to pick up those books that I'll be reading this summer. I went around and looked at a few different copies of The Inferno, trying to find one that cost less than ten dollars. Then I went on to find the Japanese novel that I'd put in my last list.

That book is huge. Those of you that read Great Expectations, this thing was about three times bigger than that. I lifted it, and then immediately put it back down.

When I walked out of B&N I had bought The Inferno (B&N Classics Edition), We, and The Reader. I saw movie version of The Reader with my mom when it came out and have been wanting to read the book for a long time. I'm still planning on Cry, The Beloved Country - I just need to find a cheaper copy.

Used book stores, here I come.

Thus, the new summer reading list is:

We, The Reader, The Inferno, and Cry, The Beloved Country. Probably in that order, too.


Matthew Foster said...

Mr. Miller what time do we get out of school on Thursday; and do do we have to come back to school after thursday?

J.S.C.II said...

pMr. Miller,

Um I was wondering am I elligible to redo the thing we talked about in out parent conference meeting w/ my father?

I sent the question to you via email to your dps account but recently found out that dps accounts are not working.

Emily Telford-Marx said...

Mr. Miller,
I'm trying to study for the EOC but I'm unsure how to study, and I scored sort of low in a benchmark around december with the same type of questions as the EOC will probably have. Do you ave any suggestions?

Daniel Miller said...

Emily - If you visit the website you can find some sample items for the English I test. I would attempt these for practice. This is probably the best way to prepare for the test.

Don't stress out. You'll do fine :)