Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Tonight's homework is to read...big surprise, right?

For Honors students, you need to read to the end of chapter 43. Pay close attention to the relationship between the convict and Pip. Also, make sure that you note Herbert's reaction to his friend's trouble.

Standard students, you need to read to the end of page 154. Keep up with your study questions as you read.

Lastly, if you have not yet turned in your Bildungsroman - it is due on Friday. Friday is the last day to turn in this assignment and I will not accept it beyond Friday. If you are going to Busch Gardens, give me the assignment on the bus. If you are staying behind, turn in the assignment to Mr. Brosnan.


ivan said...

The character chart-do we have to find quotations from the characters we think are minor?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Miller!

Can I meet with you tomorrow afternoon and go over my bildungsroman with you? I just want to make sure that I have the correct idea before I turn it in. :)

Another thing I'm doing my story in the form of a diary entry so must EVERYTHING but worded exactly write or can I like truly write it from the prospective of a teenage girl?


Daniel Miller said...

Ivan - You need to have a quote for every character.

Anita - That's fine. Just come right after school so that we can discuss!

Anonymous said...

Hey again Mr. Miller.

Sorry I didn't go today
I ended up leaving school early for a doctors appointment. Is it ok if I email you what I have?

And also I want to know exactly like what format things should be in..I know doubled space and all but do you want a title page, page numbers, and can I write my name in the header of my paper?

Daniel Miller said...

Anita - You can e-mail me a copy of your draft but I'm not going to look at it to edit it.

As far as the requirements, just make sure your name is on it and that you have a title for it. Title page and all that is superfluous.