Thursday, May 14, 2009

Homework for the Weekend

By Monday/Tuesday, all Honors students need to be to the end of chapter forty-eight. I hope that you have begun to see the novel move into its last portions. Things are starting to come to an end in Pip's life. You may want to spend time at the end of the novel going back to earlier portions to see the connections to earlier foreshadowing.

By Monday/Tuesday, all Standard students need to be to the end of page 175. Remember that when you finish the book I will collect all of your study questions.

Also, here are some updates/reminders about upcoming major grades:

5/22 and 5/26 - Oral Exam for Honors Students, Collect Character Charts (quiz grade)

5/27 and 5/28 - CTG Presentations. Remember that you will get a grade for your presentation and your particular element of your project.


Emily Telford-Marx said...

hey mr. miller,
im having alot of trouble thinking of a topic for my bildungsroman...Its hard for me to base it off of myself, and I cant seem to think of an interesting topic/setting. do you have any suggestions that may help?

Daniel Miller said...

Emily - Can I suggest the beach house that you wrote about earlier this year? This seems like a really important place to you and you should be able to develop that setting well. Remember that you're imparting your experiences and personality to a fictional character - just have fun with it!

J.S.C.II said...

hey mr. miller,
um i looked on facebook for emily && milly, so i couldnt find them to talk about our project. Who is the author for "When The Grass Was Blue" i couldnt find it on google.

Daniel Miller said...


J.S.C.II said...

thanks alot mr. miller
i found it. i just couldnt remember his last name!
but this will help alot cause i can find the stuff i need as well as from milly.

i talked to shah via telephone.
&& he has finished the outline for our presentation and i will send it to you for proofreading.