Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Reading

Hey All,

Some of you asked me for some suggestions about things to read this summer. Here's a list of things that I'll be reading this summer. I plan on starting around the middle to end of June on this list. I'll let you know what I'm reading and where I am in the book. If you want to read together, we can set a pacing guide together for each book. So - Leave a comment and let me know if you want to read with me!

1. We - Evgeny Zamyatin
2. Cry the Beloved Country - Alan Patton
3. The Inferno - Dante
4. The Tale of Genji - Murasaki Shikibu

It's all world literature, which should help to get you ready for next year. Next year your focusing in reading just literature from the non-English speaking world. Lots of good stuff out there!

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