Friday, May 8, 2009

Homework for the Weekend

Standard Students: Your homework is to read to page 139. On Tuesday/Wednesday I will collect your study questions from the first half of the novel. You will get your new study questions on that day.

Honors Students: Your homework is to read to the end of chapter 39. Be sure that as you read you are keeping up with your study questions.

All students should keep with their character charts as you are reading. Remember that these will be collected on the 22nd/25th for a grade.

Finally - I leave you with the wisdom of Ms. Sawaya:

"I smell like farts in a can!"

Have a great weekend!


Emily Telford-Marx said...

Mr. Miller,
I was looking over the study questions, making sure I knew them, and I found that a few of them I wasnt sure about:
-Who is Mr. Waldengarver?
-Why did Estella and Herbert warn Pip not to love her (Estella)?
-What news did the letter from Trabb&Co. bring?
Could you help clarify? Thanks!

Daniel Miller said...

Mr. Waldengarver is Mr. Wopsle - he has taken a stage name. Think about why a man would do this, especially a man like Mr. Wopsle.

As far as Estella, think about the idea that she has no heart. In a strange way, by warning Pip, she is trying to spare him some harm. Herbert, I think, recognizes the kind of girl that Estella is and wants his friend to not be heartbroken.

Finally, the letter says that Mrs. Joe has died.

Hannah. White said...

mr. miller,
ok, I don't really know where to write this so i'm writing it here. Do you think i could write my bildungsroman about this:

A person who is having dreams about other people who really do exist even though she doesn't know it yet but then meets these people later in the book who have had the situations shes dreamed about or are going to, if the book was really written out. the person having the dreams would be based off of me, I have frequent deja vu.

Daniel Miller said...

Hannah - That sounds interesting! Make sure that you address the ten questions on the back of the assignment sheet.