Monday, May 4, 2009

Tonight's Reading Homework

Tonight your reading is as follows:

Honors - Read to the end of chapter twenty-eight. Remember, as your reading you need to be able to answer the study questions that I've given you. A lot of you were asking me about study questions today in class. I remind you that you can also ask me about them or other questions related to your reading here.

While you're reading, be sure that you're keeping track of three major things:

1. How is Pip changing as a person? What is causing this change? Is the change positive or negative?

2. How are the people around Pip interacting with him? How are they changing and developing?

3. Do you notice recurring elements throughout the text? What is the meaning of these things?

Standard - You need to read to the end of page eighty-seven. Remember to answer your study questions as you are reading. I will check your answers.

Finally - Everyone should start working on their bildungsroman. I will explain this in more detail on Wednesday/Thursday.

If you have questions - please ask.


Emily Telford-Marx said...

When will the bildungsroman stories be due?

Daniel Miller said...

Emily - The end of next week. The 14th/15th.