Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Homework for 5/20 and 5/21

Your homework for tonight is to finish your novel! Also, I will collect your character charts. I will not accept these late. You must turn in whatever you have by Friday/Tuesday. Lastly, Honors students will have their Oral Exam on Friday/Tuesday. Be ready!

Finally, you will have your last meeting of your CTG group on Friday/Tuesday. I need to have your group's handout ready for me to make copies by Tuesday/Wednesday. If you are not ready this will cause your group's score to suffer.


Kodjo said...

mr.miller i'm a little confused on a couple of characters. first i always thought startop was Herbert so now i'm wondering who he is. second um i don't remember mr.wopsle's great aunt at all unless she was at the dinner during the earlier chapters, finally i'm confused on who aged parent is. i remember that aged pip was what wimmeick called pip when they were at his castle, but was aged parent the man old man or jaggers maybe. anyway if u can, can u send me the chapters where i can find these characters so i can figure it out

Daniel Miller said...

Kodjo -

Startop is another of Pip's friends. Look again at the dinner between him, Pip and Drummle.

The great aunt runs the school that Pip attends and where Biddy works.

Aged Parent is the same as Aged P. This is Wemmick's father. There are numerous scenes with this man.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Miller.

Some of the characters are minor characters and going through the book it is very difficult to find any quotes from them at all? Are you requiring us to also find quotes for them?

-And also would this be a good quote for Pip? In chapter 29 he states "God forgive me!" he tends to judge himself in aspect of the social contrast throughout the book and this is mainly between like when Joe comes to visit him in London and when he comes back for Mrs. Joe's funeral b/c he's embarrassed of Joe in his new life, but is also afraid that Biddy and Joe won't except him for his new life. So my thought process behind it was that in essence of saying "God forgive me!" it not only shows his remorse for what he thought was a good life but it also shows the constant battle of social class dickens seems to be trying point out all the time?

ps. sorry that was really long but it was a short quote that i thought had more meaning behind it and i wanted to give you a specific reason since he is the MAIN character and its his story.

Anonymous said...

And one more thing...sorry
we have to be able to explain our character charts yes?


Daniel Miller said...

Anita - When looking for the quote look for a quote that sums up the character in one statement. There are a lot of minor characters that get summed up by Pip or another character as Pip makes statements about them to the reader. You don't need to be able to explain your chart. I'm just collecting it for a grade.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks. but would that be a good quote for pip?