Friday, November 8, 2013

Reminders for the Weekend

A-Day Students

I hope your day today was productive with the substitute.  There are a few important reminders for all of you that I want to communicate for you this weekend.

  1. Remember that all classes will have a major grade coming due on Wednesday.  Russian students, you have your quizzes on verbs, sentence formation, and declensions.  Make sure to use the study guide and packet.  Also, remember that I'll be in the building on Tuesday, please come see me if you'd like to review anything.  AP English students, you all have your skit presentations and I'll be collecting your take-home exams.  Be ready for those assignments.
Honors English II Students - Remember that you have your in-class essay assignment on Tuesday.  I'll be collecting your copies of Siddhartha and giving you our next text, Persepolis.  If you're going to purchase your own copy of Persepolis please make sure that you have one before Thursday, for sure.

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Makenzie Elam said...

Does it matter what font our paper is in?