Monday, November 18, 2013

Honors English II Homework - 11/18/2013

Honors English II

As you saw from our opening discussion on Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis you will need to have a good wealth of background knowledge on Iran and the events surrounding the narrator/author's life as she is heavily impacted by the drastic changes happening in her country, Iran.

In this online homework assignment, you will investigate at least one piece of non-fiction regarding this area of Iran's history, reflect on it, and then continue the conversation.

First - Read/Experience one of these online sources about Iran.  You may choose to explore any or all of them but you must select one for your comment/reflection.

Option I - An audio slideshow reflecting on the lessons of the 1979 Revolution.

Option II - A photo slideshow with informative captions of the important moments and people in the 1979 Revolution.

Option III - An NPR story/interview with an Iranian who remembers and discusses the 1979 Revolution.

Option IV - An article on the American Hostage crisis in Iran related to the 1979 Revolution.

Option V - A brief overview in text of the key players and events in the Revolution.

Second - Post a comment to this post in which you answer the following questions:

  1. What is the author's purpose in writing this article.  Be specific and highlight a purpose linked explicitly to this article.
  2. Explain what the author used in his/her writing/piece to alert you to the purpose.
  3. What did this article help you to understand from the first excerpt of Persepolis?
  4. Post a current event about Iran - there's a lot in the news right now - and explain how your current event continues the conversation with you and the topic of Iran.  What are you continuing to learn?  How are you fighting your preconceptions?
If you cannot post a comment, please do this assignment on paper and turn it in at the beginning of class on Wednesday.  Remember that you can complete this assignment from the school library.  Please sign your post with your name to receive credit.  Assignments are due at 9:00 am on Wednesday 11/20/2013.


Desmond Mayers said...

Tristan Mayers 2B 11/18/2013

Well after looking at the slide show i realize that people all ways looked angry or never really in agrrement. I believe the author posted this to show how there was always a revolution going on. This compares to Percepolis because there are all these ideas of revolution when reading the first couple of pages. The article is about how iran ist not "happy" and are still talking about nuclear warfare.

Rachel Sauls said...

Option IV

1. The purpose of this article is to inform readers on the American hostage situation that took place in Iran during Jimmy Carter's presidency.

2. The author organizes the article very factually. Each section represents a specific time period and event, and though there is American bias there are no opinion statements. Everything is short, summarized, and to the point.

3. This article helped me to better understand the relationship between America and Iran and why America was reluctant to get involved. It also helped me to understand the motives behind the conflicts in Iran and how complicated everything was, which was something Marjane experienced.


My current event is about the Iranian police backing down on their enforcement of the modesty policy in Iran. This is an expansion of women's rights, which is a step forward for the country. However, the law will not necessarily change the way society looks at women.
Hopefully this change will help women to gain strength and influence, even if gradually. I am losing my preconception that all Iranian men support the oppression of women. I am continuing to learn about the complexity of mixing religion with government.

- Rachel Sauls

Benjamin Kelly said...

1. The authors main purpose for writing this article is to inform us about the Islamic revolution that took place in 1979.

2. The author used specific people and events to highlight things that were important in the revolution.

3. This article helped me to understand the current situation that the characters are in. The revolution is in full swing in the book and now I understand what the people are going through.


This event continues the conversation about Iran because it shows that there is still some conflict going in Iran with war and violence (talk of nukes). I’m continuing to learn about the conflicts that occur in Iran, but also about negotiations. The preconceptions that this is fighting is the one that is about Iranians not negotiating at all, only wreaking havoc.

Makenzie Elam said...

1. The author's purpose in writing this article is to inform people about the Iranian Revolution that occurred during the 20th Century. The author's purpose is also to inform people about the history of Iran.
2. The author used both pictures and text to inform me of the purpose. The author used factual inform and represented it by using pictures. The pictures helped add affect to the text they wrote. It shows real life examples that occurred during the Iranian Revolution.
3. This article helps me understand from the first excerpt of Persepolis that the Iranian Revolution didn't just affect adults, it affected children, too. I also learned about the ruler Shah Reza Pahlavi and his opponent Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. I also learned about the purpose of the citizens demonstrations about the Shah.
My current event is about one conflict between the U.S. and Iran. It shows that everyone is not the United States friend. It also shows there is a lot of Terrorism throughout Iran. I am continuing to learn that you cannot help everyone, because it may cause many problems in the future. I am also learning that Terrorism can affect ordinary people as much as celebrities and politicians. I am fighting my preconceptions by not listening to just the media about Iran and by finding my own information about the topic. I am also going to see if what is happening in Iran is/has happened in the U.S, because it could have happened in the U.S as well.

~Makenzie Elam, B2

Jordan Perry said...

1)This article was written to inform people why and how the Iranian revolution happened.
2)The author uses the headings at the top of each slide to tell you what the slide will be about. Like, the second slide has the heading Shah so it talks about what effect Shah had the country.

3)This article helped me to understand the amount of protests and rage there was in the country. It also helped me to understand all of the changes that went on during Marjanes generations time.

4)This article continues with the conversation of Iran because it talking about how Iran is in peace talks with a lot of countries about their nuclear bombs. This is just another example of how all the people in Iran are bad. I am continuing to learn that all the people in Iran are bad. I am fighting my preconceptions by searching what I thought was true about Iran and going through to look at articles about the topics. I really think I am accepting Iran is not all bad like I thought previously.

Alexthesuperfish said...

Option II

1.) The purpose of this slideshow is to inform the audience about the societal transformation that Iran went through during the 1979 revolution.

2.) The author organized information chronologically so the reader can see changes in Iran over time. Pictures with obvious connotations are also used to give readers more information.

3.) This slideshow helped me understand the frustration demonstrators must have felt towards the Iranian government. I can also understand why Marjane's parents did not want her to participate in the protests after seeing the violence of the revolution.


This current event article unfortunately reinforces the popular American that Iran is a threat to the world. I'm sure this article is biased against Iran. The media still seems to be portraying the Middle East as a radical place trying to blow up the US. I am continually learning that most of what the media has to say about Iran is negative and that if I want to find some unbiased information, I have to look elsewhere. I am fighting my preconceptions that Iran is mostly filled with extremists by having and open mind as I read Persepolis. This book does what Allende thought writing could do by giving me another viewpoint. When I look through Marjane's eyes I can easily see the good in many Iranians.

Alex Bird 2B

Rachel Geoffrion said...

Rachel Geoffrion 2B Honors English II

Option IV

1) The authors purpose in writing this article is to inform readers of the importance and impact of the Iranian hostage crisis during the 1979 Iranian Revolution.
2)The author gave some background information to show the importance and change it made on lives of both Iranians and Americans. In addition to this background information, they also spoke to some of the government leaders in place at the time. It was all information, not opinion or entertainment.
3)In the first part of Persepolis that we read, the main character talked about some events and causes of this Revolution. One cause of the revolution is that women had to wear veils because the government became more religious. It also gives more background to the United States' involvement with the revolution and other events occurring in that time period.

This talks more about foreign relations with Iran. I learned that there have been multiple nuclear weapon talks with France, Iran and the U.S. all present. Nobody could agree, each country pointing fingers at one another. Because comprimise couldn't be reached, the nuclear weapons program in Iran has not been slowed down. I am fighting my preconceptions by recognizing the bias in this article. Though I can usually trust the NYT, I know it is biased towards an American point of view. I am also seeing that Iran is not always the one in the wrong. Though America seems to be making moves to prevent dangerous situations, I can see where the Iranian prime minister is coming from in his criticizing of the lack of amiability of France and the U.S.

Regina Ray said...

1. The author’s overall purpose of the article is to inform us of the true story of 1979. The want to inform use of the events from both parties.

2. The author is showing us the things that occurred without being opinionated. Showing us the facts on a un bias term will alert us of what really happen without someone saying a one person played a bigger part in the catastrophe than the other.

3. Everything changed. Their whole world went from being secular and free. To religious and strict. They were given a number of rules. She had to wear a veil. Her school was changed. She had a lot of changes and it was a lot to deal with.

This article shows that Iran claims they are trying to improve their relationship with the US but it’s not actual showing a whole lot of change. I’m beginning to learn that Iran does have a variety of conflicts with the US and we actually aren’t on the best terms with this country. I’m trying to remain unbias on the conflict but it’s showing more blame leaning towards Iranians.

Mylan Marhoul said...


This article serves to provide a breif history of the Iranian Revolution, or more specifically, it's leadership. The purpose was evident in its sparse use of language, and its factual tone. Reading this helped me understand the momentum the revolution had, and how it could be dangerous to oppose it.
This here article demonstrates international mistrust and fear of Iran's current government.

Kennady Jones said...

Option IV

1. The authors purpose in writing this article was to inform the reader about the American hostage situation that took place under Jimmy Carter's presidency in 1979.He wanted to give us background information to allow us to understand the context of the situation.

2. The author, like I mentioned earlier, provided us with cold, hard facts about the situation. He divided the article into different sections to give us a well organized recount of what happened. By providing quotes from people during the time of the crisis he made me feel like I was sitting in my living room watching the news during 1979.

3. This article helped me understand that the Iranians were very serious and committed to the revolution. They were willing to hold people hostage for 444 days in order to prove that they want to see change. By understanding that these revolutionists would hold people captive for over a year made the idea of wearing a veil seem small and insignificant almost.


This article continues to show me that Iran is not calm to say the least. After a revolution you would think that a nation would take a break and relax for awhile but not Iran. Constant conflict with Lebanon and Israel led to a violent demonstration in Beirut. Unfortunately this article supports my preconceptions of Iran because I see Iran as a violent extremist country and suicide bombings supports that view 100%. I do believe that I have some things to learn about Iran but this article does not help me accomplish that task.

Kit Myers said...

Option IV
1: The main purpose to the article was to inform you of the attack on the American embassy On November 4, 1979. And what our government and the Iranian government had planed on doing.

2: I don't want to seem lazy here, but the first paragraph of the article is the best place for #2

3: It helped me understand the disparity of the people in the country

this article shows how our governments try to communicate like before, yet fail, like before

Kara Kimple said...
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Kara Kimple said...

Option IV

1. The purpose of this article was to inform readers about The Iranian Revolution and the American hostages and the efforts taken to try to get them home during Jimmy Carter's presidency.

2. They used different factual things in paragraphs that went in chronological order, which showed in what order the events happened and they used quotes from important people at the time. They used unbiased information.

3. It helped me understand the Revolution and why everything was happening. It helped me understand why all the rules and her school changed, and also the relationship between America and Iran and why it might be a bad relationship.


My current event is about how a Deputy Minister of Iran was assassinated. This shows that there is still conflict going on between the Iran government and the people there. I am continuing to learn that there will mostly likely always be conflict no matter what. Not everyone is going to always agree with the government. I am fighting my preconceptions by trying to keep an open mind and realizing that they aren't that much different than any other country because every country has its violence.

Kara Kimple 2B

Malcolm Preston said...

Option II

1. I feel that the author's purpose to writing this article was to inform readers of the important events that occurred during the Iran's Revolution. It talks about how the Revolution turned their society upside down.
2. The author named many important events that impacted the revolution. The author also chose some great pictures that show just how much their society was falling.
3. From this article I learned that, in the time period of the Iran's Revolution, it must have been very difficult on the people that lived there. As well as the many things they had to go through.
My current event is on some bombings that have happened recently in Iran. It talks about a suicide bombing occurring at an Iran Embassy. 23 people died and there were many injuries. This tells me more on how hard it is to live their during this time period, and how bad it is for the people that lose loved ones.
Malcolm Preston B2

Georgia G said...

Option 1

1. The purpose of this slideshow was to inform the viewer of Iran's tumultuous history and often antagonistic relationship with the United States, while also noting the potential for both countries to learn from past events like the 1979 Revolution.

2. The author specifically highlighted the United States' role in recent Iranian conflicts and ended the slideshow by talking about the lessons that could be learned by those involved.

3. This slideshow helped me understand the significance of the Revolution and the impact it must have had on Marjane.

4. This article is about a recent bombing of the Iranian embassy in Lebanon. This article, as well as the others that I looked at, showed me how much is going on in/involving Iran. It didn't necessarily help me fight my preconceptions of Iran, partially because I didn't have many and partially because what few I did involved war and violence. However, it did make me think about how complicated these international conflicts are and how many parties are actually involved.

Jada V Williams said...

1) The authors purpose for writing this article ( is to inform people of the angry and frustration the people of Iran were feeling. it shows the struggles that these people went through just to have a little freedom in their life.
2) This author used imagery and real world experiences to get his point across. He included pictures and stories of what people went through.
3) This article helped me understand just how hard it was for people just to walk down the street in Iran. It gave me an even better understanding of how people lived back then.
4) This article lets me know just how much Iran has trust issues because of its past history. I am continuing to learn that Iran has had lots of political and economic problems and will continue to struggle through out its years.
~Jada Williams 2B 11/18/13

Celia Cleary said...

Celia Cleary
Option II
1. The author's purpose in writing this article is to inform people about the Iranian Revolution in the 1970's. The author wanted to show the context of the Revolution and the political turmoil it caused, such as riots and protests. In this article, the author used pictures to express the feelings of the time. You can see on people's faces that they are passionately unhappy with their government and you can tell by what they are doing in some of the pictures that they want change (in lots of the pictures they are protesting).
2. This article helped me understand the context of Persepolis. It helped me understand what the Marjane was going through in her everyday life, which helps me understand why things are the way they are and why she does the things she does.
3. My current event is about the bombing of the Iranian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. The double suicide bombing by the Syrians happened because Iran supports a Shia group called Hezbollah, which helped fight for Bashar Al Assad. The Sunnis in Syria did not like that. This continues the topic of Iran because it demonstrates how there is still a lot of turmoil between differing ideas and cultures in that region.
4. I am continuing to learn that the majority of Americans do not know very much about Iran or the people who live there, and if they also do not know very much about us, that may be the cause of a lot of the discrimination towards the Iranian people by the Americans that you see a lot when Iranians, or even just people from the Middle East in general, immigrate to America. I am fighting my preconceptions by trying to learn more about Iranian history and culture so I do not have to rely on stereotypes or preconceptions.

Jessica Suarez said...

Option V:
1. The author's purpose of this article is to inform readers about the history of Iran and the important events that had occurred during the Islamic Revolution. It does this purpose by including important people, places, and dates.
2. The author alerted me with his introduction because the topic just captured my attention and also how he bold important names. Also by the way he formatted his essay that is similar like a timeline, it caused me to catch on pretty easily.
3. This helped me understand that Iran had exiled many people, or caused people to go in hiding which caused these people to come up with creative ways to get their messages to spread such as literature and music.

My current event talks about how the countries feel about Iran's nuclear program. Israel feels threatened and that it is a "bad agreement" that Secretary of State John Kerry thinks Iran should just limit their nuclear program. This current event relates to the conversation because since then nuclear weapons have been a big deal and which ever country has the most is feared the most.

Effy Lee said...

Option I

1. The purpose of the slideshow was to show the changes in Iranian government and society.
2. They used the photographs to introduce the idea, and the short piece of writing to explain the information further.
3. It helps me understand the Revolution that took place in Iran better.

My current event is about the explosion that occurred near the Iranian embassy in Lebanon. This doesn't really fight my preconceptions about Iran, because the few I had were centred around violence. It did however give me a new perspective on terrorism outside of the US.