Thursday, November 7, 2013

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students

Honors English II

Your main goal for this weekend is to prepare for your in-class essay on Siddhartha on Tuesday.  Remember that you will have the full ninety minute period to plan, write, and revise your final product.  To assist you in this, you will be able to enter class with one sheet of paper of notes.  You may use both sides of the paper.  Here is the essay question you will answer for your final exam.

Throughout Siddhartha the main character encounters many teachers who guide him toward enlightenment.  In your opinion, which of these teachers is the most influential in guiding Siddhartha?  How?  Why?  Be sure to fully explain and defend your position using appropriate information from the text.

Remember that in this assignment there really isn't a right answer; it's about defending and proving that your answer is correct.  Defend yourself through your use of the text and your explanation of that text.

ESL English III

No homework this weekend.  I enjoyed seeing your skits today in class.  Please make sure that you keep up with your reading and studying as we continue forward in Number the Stars.  You'll have a test once we hit the midpoint of this book which is coming soon.

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