Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homework for 11/20/2013 - B Day Students

Honors English II

Tonight you need to read the next two portions of Persepolis for our seminar in class on Friday.  You'll read "The Water Cell" and "Persepolis".  Make sure to pay special attention to the "Persepolis" section as this is the title chapter and thus is very important.

As you are reading, continue to add to your character notes on the main people in the family.  You'll be getting a lot of significant information about them in these chapters.  Also, consider how our discussion of The Koran also helps you to understand how Marjane and her family live their lives.

ESL English III

We'll be discussing the quiz for Tuesday on Friday and making our study guide.  Be ready for that!  Ask any questions that you may have.

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