Friday, May 4, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - 4 May 2018

English IV

Looks like a lot of you came down with something today. Something I think we call SeniorSkippitis in the teaching/medical field. Of course you all have the power to make your own decisions, but I would like to remind you all that missing a class means that you've missed a chance to work on your novel projects.

Today we focused on our literary terms review as well as the film Young Frankenstein before going to the library and working on our novel projects.

By the end of next week I'll be collecting your work on the two important passages. And we will then start the final project. Remember that everything will be collected and graded by the 21st as this will be the last day to submit work for Quarter 4.

Advanced Russian

We've got Victory Day celebrations coming next week! Make sure that if you need to go back and watch any of The Cranes Are Flying - do so before we see each other again on Tuesday. I would like to collect your viewing guides then. Also, if you didn't have exercises to show me today, I'll check those on Tuesday as well.

Don't forget that we'll be doing our final speaking assignment centered on this film. Think about who you'd like to be (top three) and start planning around that character.

Russian I

Next week we'll have our Unit Three examination. Be sure that you're using your study guide to prepare for what is coming. We also have Victory Day coming up on Tuesday. Over the weekend, spend time studying and reviewing for the exam! We won't be really reviewing on Tuesday because of our holiday celebrations, but I will have some time built in for questions.

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