Monday, February 19, 2018

Homework for A-Day Classes: 19 February 2018

English IV

Today in class we finished our first set of vocabulary roots and began working on our first set of words before going on to the film version of Frankenstein. Next class we will finish watching this first section of the film before taking a deeper look at the creation of the creature.

For tonight you should all be focused on studying your word parts. Remember that you should focus on roots and suffixes. The suffixes help you to identify the part of speech, the roots help you to know the meaning of the word. Be sure that you are using your notes as well as your word lists to help you prepare for Friday's quiz.

Advanced Russian

We are wrapping up the unit so it's time to finish some of our conclusion exercises. Russian II students will be looking at Exercise 6.13 on page 254-255. You'll be translating numbers one, three, and five. That's all. Be sure to consider your verbs and cases.

Russian III students will be looking at the directed dialogue on page 435 and 436. Kendall is working on the A group and Marec is working on the B group. You should be looking at the questions and the pictures. Write answers that accompany the questions and pictures.

Russian I

Tonight you should continue to study your vocabulary in Chapter Two - especially the nouns and adjectives. Hopefully by this point you know your colors pretty well. Start becoming comfortable with using the vocabulary related to members of your family. Next class we will finish our movie and begin working on the vocabulary to start finishing our unit on grammar and cases.

If you did not have a project to turn in today, please make sure that it is turned in to me ASAP. I can collect it from you tomorrow or Wednesday.

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