Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Homework for A-Day Classes: 27 February 2018

Russian I

Make sure that you have completed the names and family member identities for your project. Many of you were able to do this today in class. Next class - Thursday - we will construct our family trees and work hard to complete our paragraphs.

Next class we will start to review in earnest for our Unit One and Two examination. The exam will happen next week on Friday. It will cover all of our major grammar points as well as vocabulary in Chapters One and Two. Pull together your notes and your folders. Start to study and prepare now!

Advanced Russian

Today in class we had an enrichment day because so many students were out for the ACT. Here are your reminders as we move forward.

Russian II - You all have translations due to me on Thursday - the rest of the A group that we didn't finish in class on the first day of translations. Be sure that you have worked through each one and thought about your grammar and word choice as you've gone through the exercise. Turn that in to me on Thursday for a grade.

Russian III - Be sure that you are ready for your dialogue. Be able to describe the picture, answer the question, and use your grammar clearly. This is a good chance to review your work and your prepositions.

Remember that all of you need to write sentences reviewing what Nadya does in the film The Irony of Fate. You should hopefully have about five sentences talking about what she does.

English IV

Today in class we got through the next major moment in Frankenstein - the murder of William Frankenstein and the case against Justine. Next class we'll take a look at the trial and how things work out for those concerned. After that we had time to resubmit assignments or to work on any missing work.

For tonight - stay focused on getting caught up. If you have any zeroes, it is important that those are settled and turned in to me ASAP. Also, if you have any grades that are low, make sure that you have seen me about resubmitting that work before the end of the quarter, which is coming verb soon.

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