Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Day Number 6

It's one of these winters again, and they say that we're going to get more snow tonight.  Goodness.

Russian I and II

Make sure that your journals are complete.  Make sure that you are studying nightly to practice your grammar and vocabulary.  A great thing to do is to listen to Russian music and follow along with the lyrics - think about the grammar being used, use the Yandex translator to define words and build your vocabulary.  Keep using and studying Russian during this time.  There's a YouTube channel called ELLO which is all Russian music videos.

AP English III

I hope that all of you are using this time to get ahead on Invisible Man as well as your research.  When we return there will be a new, accelerated reading schedule as well as a quick overview on the idea of research outlines before you need to turn them in.  Be productive on these days off, a bit of work now will save a lot of work later.

English II

Just like AP you all should be getting ahead with your reading.  Spend time daily with Purple Hibiscus so that when you return you can be ahead.  Pay attention to characters, work on your vocabulary, and enjoy the time to simply read and get to know these characters.  The more you read now, the less you'll have later.

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