Friday, February 13, 2015

Homework for A Day Students - The Weekend!

Russian I

This weekend since you have Russian on a Friday you have an entry in your journals due for me on Tuesday.  Try to continue the same type of work that we were doing in class about our animals.  Write a variety of sentences using adjectives and nouns in as many cases as you can.  The more that you use the language the quicker you will acquire it.

Russian II

You also have your journals to write this weekend.  Make sure that you attempt to use the verbs of studying as you write this weekend - remember the case connections that you need in order to work with each of the verbs.  In addition, we will be working on our weather reports more in class on Tuesday.  Presentations will happen starting on Thursday.  This is an extension for your projects.

English II

For your first reading goal you will have until Thursday to read to the end of the first group of pages (to page sixteen).  As you read, try to focus on the characters - what are your first impressions of them?  Also, make sure that you are collecting vocabulary as you read to make sure that you are engaged and understanding what you read.  We will have more time to work on our projects next week - feel free to continue on those if you would like, but you should really prioritize your reading.

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