Monday, February 23, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 2/23/2015

It was great seeing all of you again today.  Here are your reminders to get you to Wednesday's classes.

Russian II

For tonight you need to work in your journals to revise or rewrite your last entry.  You should have two entries in your journal by Wednesday - one for week one and one for week two.  Make sure that your week two entry includes the phrase about good on good (маслом масленное) as well as the verbs of studying used in the correct forms and with the correct cases.

Outside of this feel free to work on studying your genitive plural irregulars that you learned today.

Lastly, the weather reports have been moved to next week (Tuesday and Thursday) you'll also likely have a quiz on Genitive Plural next week - prepare yourselves accordingly.  Missing assignments and quizzes need to be made up by Friday of this week for progress reports next week.

Russian I

For tonight, if you did not finish the twelve sentences about your animals, please make sure to finish those tonight.  Make sure to have two answers for each of your questions - one for your masculine animal and one for your feminine animal.  Use adjectives as much as you can to practice with your case endings.

As stated above, make sure to have your journals ready to be checked/collected.  You just have two - make sure that the second entry uses your phrase from last week.  You can also continue writing about your animals if you would like.

Lastly, remember about making up missed assignments by Friday.  Many of you have at least one thing missing.

English II

Make sure that you have met your reading goal for Purple Hibiscus on Wednesday.  Some of your classmates have gone as far as to already finish the whole book!  Be like them.  Read!

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